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A brand of Dexaméthasone labelled as Cortidexason produced by Dermapharm, Cresophene Solucion Topica made by Tecnicas Medicas Mab, Dexa by Ratiopharm, Hexal, Mibe, Dr. Gerhard Mann, Galderma Laboratorium, and Febena Pharma, Dexa-Allvoran manufactured by Tad Pharma, Dexabene Injektionslsg by Recordati Pharma, Dexa-Ct produced by Abz Pharma, Dexa-Effekton by Teofarma S.R.L, Dexafluid made by Mibe, Dexafree produced by Thea, Dexagalen by Galenpharma, Dexagel Viskosierte produced by Dr. Gerhard Mann, Dexametasona by Alcon Cusi and Kern Pharma, Dexamethason produced by Galenpharma, Abz Pharma, Acis, and Carinopharm, Dexamethason- Jenapharm made by Mibe, Dexamethason-Mp manufactured by Medphano, Dexamethason-Rotexmedica produced by Rotexmedicawerk, Dexa-Ophtal made by Dr. Winzer Pharma, Dexapos Comod produced by Ursapharm, Dexa-Rhinaspray-N Pump Spray, Dexa-Rhinospray N Sine Nasenspray manufactured by Dr. Gerhard Mann, Dexa-Sine by Alcon Pharma, Dexaton manufactured by Vianex A.E, Fortecortin by Merck Serono and Merck, Infectodexakrupp manufactured by Infectopharm Arzn.U.Consilium, Isopto-Dex produced by Alcon Pharma, Lipotalon made by Recordati Pharma, Maxidex produced by Alcon Cusi, Monodex manufactured by Thea Pharma, Oftalmolosa Dexametasona made by Alcon Cusi, Ozurdex produced by Allergan Pharm.Ireland, Soldesanil , Solupen Sine Nasenspray by Dr. Winzer Pharma, Solutio Dexa N made by Ichthyol-Gesellschaft Cordes, Supertendin produced by Carinopharm, Thilodexine Cream, Thilodexine Cream Tub, Thilodexine Cut.Sol, Tuttozem N made by Strathmann, and Urecortin Cream are at Goldpharma

Cortidexason0.5 mg100 tablets26.53€Order
Cortidexason1.5 mg20 tablets22.28€Order
Cortidexason1.5 mg50 tablets28.36€Order
Cresophene Solucion Topica100 mg45ml solution53.54€Order
Dexa3.32 mg1 ampoules/phials17.34€Order
Dexa3.32 mg1x1ml solution, injectable17.36€Order
Dexa6.64 mg1x2ml solution, injectable17.52€Order
Dexa6.64 mg1 ampoules/phials17.61€Order
Dexa6.64 mg5x2ml solution, injectable21.58€Order
Dexa33.22 mg1x5ml ampoules/phials32.45€Order
Dexa83.06 mg1x10ml ampoules/phials54.15€Order
Dexa Edo0.49 mg20x0.5ml solution29.79€Order
Dexa Loscon Mono0.197 mg100ml solution29.08€Order
Dexa Loscon Mono0.197 mg200ml solution38.70€Order
Dexa Siozwo Nasensalbe0.181 mg10g ointment22.79€Order
Dexa-Allvoran3.32 mg5x1ml solution, injectable20.36€Order
Dexabene Injektionslsg4 mg1 solution, injectable17.69€Order
Dexabene Injektionslsg4 mg3 solution, injectable19.78€Order
Dexabene Injektionslsg4 mg10 solution, injectable26.52€Order
Dexa-Ct4 mg20 tablets34.68€Order
Dexa-Ct4 mg50 tablets63.07€Order
Dexa-Ct4 mg100 tablets110.13€Order
Dexa-Ct8 mg50 tablets93.07€Order
Dexa-Ct8 mg100 tablets170.39€Order
Dexa-Effekton4 mg6 solution, injectable22.57€Order
Dexa-Effekton4 mg12 solution, injectable27.59€Order
Dexafluid0.76 mg1x5ml solution20.64€Order
Dexafluid0.76 mg2x5ml solution21.49€Order
Dexafree0.1 %20x0.4ml solution26.09€Order
Dexagalen3.32 mg3x1ml solution, injectable18.74€Order
Dexagalen3.32 mg30x1ml solution, injectable40.50€Order
Dexagalen6.64 mg10x2ml solution, injectable28.53€Order
Dexagalen6.64 mg30x2ml solution, injectable53.36€Order
Dexagel Viskosierte0.75 mg5g solution21.65€Order
Dexametasona0.1 %10ml solution8.14€Order
Dexametasona4 mg3x1ml injection im-iv6.96€Order
Dexamethason0.5 mg20 tablets19.11€Order
Dexamethason0.5 mg50 tablets22.07€Order
Dexamethason1.5 mg100 tablets38.65€Order
Dexamethason3.32 mg3 ampoules/phials18.22€Order
Dexamethason3.32 mg10 ampoules/phials22.89€Order
Dexamethason3.32 mg30 ampoules/phials40.50€Order
Dexamethason6.64 mg3x2ml ampoules/phials20.11€Order
Dexamethason6.64 mg3 ampoules/phials20.41€Order
Dexamethason6.64 mg10 ampoules/phials28.53€Order
Dexamethason8 mg10 tablets30.93€Order
Dexamethason8 mg20 tablets46.28€Order
Dexamethason33.22 mg1 ampoules/phials32.45€Order
Dexamethason Creme Law;0.5 mg25g cream22.77€Order
Dexamethason- Jenapharm1 mg5g ointment25.06€Order
Dexamethason-Mp3.32 mg5 solution, injectable21.04€Order
Dexamethason-Mp3.32 mg50 solution, injectable59.08€Order
Dexamethason-Rotexmedica3.8 mg5x1ml solution, injectable21.48€Order
Dexamethason-Rotexmedica3.8 mg10x1ml solution, injectable26.00€Order
Dexamethason-Rotexmedica3.8 mg100x1ml solution, injectable85.74€Order
Dexa-Ophtal1 mg10ml solution21.65€Order
Dexa-Ophtal Sine0.49 mg10x0.5ml solution22.98€Order
Dexa-Ophtal Sine0.49 mg50x0.5ml solution42.64€Order
Dexapos Comod0.66 mg5ml solution20.71€Order
Dexa-Rhinaspray-N Pump Spray0.03 mg1 aerosol spray11.34€Order
Dexa-Rhinospray N Sine Nasenspray0.11 mg14ml spray27.50€Order
Dexa-Sine0.76 mg5ml solution25.78€Order
Dexaton 8 mg1 solution, injectable3.40€Order
Fortecortin2 mg20 tablets24.27€Order
Fortecortin2 mg50 tablets33.30€Order
Fortecortin2 mg100 tablets46.16€Order
Fortecortin4 mg/ml100x1ml injection im-iv80.57€Order
Fortecortin Inject83.06 mg1 ampoules/phials54.15€Order
Infectodexakrupp2 mg30ml solution35.38€Order
Isopto-Dex1 mg3.5g ointment29.88€Order
Lipotalon2.5 mg1x1ml ampoules/phials19.75€Order
Lipotalon2.5 mg3x1ml ampoules/phials26.18€Order
Lipotalon2.5 mg10x1ml ampoules/phials49.75€Order
Maxidex0.1 %5ml solution8.21€Order
Maxidex Coll0.1 %1 solution2.38€Order
Monodex0.33 mg10x0.4ml solution22.47€Order
Monodex0.33 mg20x0.4ml solution26.89€Order
Monodex0.33 mg50x0.4ml solution40.15€Order
Oftalmolosa Dexametasona0.05 %3g ointment9.25€Order
Ozurdex700 mcg1 implant1,918.02€Order
Soldesanil 2 mg/ml1 solution6.95€Order
Soldesanil 4 mg/ml3 solution, injectable3.70€Order
Solupen Sine Nasenspray0.11 mg10ml spray23.83€Order
Solutio Cordes Dexa N0.2 mg100ml solution29.06€Order
Supertendin4.52 mg3x1ml suspension29.61€Order
Supertendin4.52 mg10x1ml suspension58.75€Order
Supertendin4.52 mg50x1ml suspension221.88€Order
Supertendin9.03 mg3x2ml suspension39.71€Order
Supertendin9.03 mg10x2ml suspension91.38€Order
Supertendin9.03 mg50x2ml suspension361.64€Order
Thilodexine Cream0.1 %25g cream3.83€Order
Thilodexine Cream Tubmg1 cream2.01€Order
Thilodexine Cut.Sol0.1 %60ml solution4.13€Order
Tuttozem N0.35 mg30g cream22.77€Order
Tuttozem N0.35 mg100g cream34.05€Order
Urecortin Cream%1 cream1.32€Order

A brand of Dexaméthasone labelled as Dexamethasone, Dexona, and Sofradex Eye/Ear Drops are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Dexamethasone1 mg100 tablets53.10€Order
Dexamethasone4 mg100 tablets161.17€Order
Dexona0.5 mg100 tablets39.83€Order
Sofradex Eye/Ear Drops5/0.05/0.5 mg/ ml8ml43.44€Order
Sofradex Eye/Ear Drops5/0.05/0.5 mg/ ml32ml104.46€Order

Prices shown are for comparative purposes, converted from $USD at current rates.

Therapeutic Indications: Dexaméthasone (Dexamethasone) is a corticosteroid, similar to a natural hormone produced by your adrenal glands. It relieves inflammation (swelling, heat, redness, and pain) and is used to treat certain forms of arthritis; skin, blood, kidney, eye, thyroid, and intestinal disorders (e.g., colitis); severe allergies; and asthma. Dexaméthasone (Dexamethasone) also is used to treat certain types of cancer. Dexaméthasone (Dexamethasone) may also be used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. Click for more Dexaméthasone details.

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