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A brand of Esclim labelled as ESTRADERM MX, ESTRADOT, EVOREL, PROGYNOVA, QLAIRA, and ZUMENON are at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
ESTRADERM MX25 mcg8 patches58.77€Order
ESTRADERM MX25 mcg16 patches74.68€Order
ESTRADERM MX25 mcg24 patches86.52€Order
ESTRADERM MX50 mcg8 patches60.40€Order
ESTRADERM MX50 mcg16 patches76.07€Order
ESTRADERM MX50 mcg24 patches88.15€Order
ESTRADERM MX75 mcg8 patches62.03€Order
ESTRADERM MX75 mcg16 patches78.11€Order
ESTRADERM MX75 mcg24 patches89.78€Order
ESTRADERM MX100 mcg8 patches63.42€Order
ESTRADERM MX100 mcg16 patches79.99€Order
ESTRADERM MX100 mcg24 patches91.41€Order
ESTRADOT25 mcg8 patches59.99€Order
ESTRADOT25 mcg16 patches77.70€Order
ESTRADOT25 mcg24 patches94.84€Order
ESTRADOT37.5 mcg8 patches62.03€Order
ESTRADOT37.5 mcg16 patches80.56€Order
ESTRADOT37.5 mcg24 patches98.11€Order
ESTRADOT50 mcg8 patches64.23€Order
ESTRADOT50 mcg16 patches83.41€Order
ESTRADOT50 mcg24 patches101.78€Order
ESTRADOT75 mcg8 patches66.68€Order
ESTRADOT75 mcg16 patches86.68€Order
ESTRADOT75 mcg24 patches105.86€Order
ESTRADOT100 mcg8 patches69.38€Order
ESTRADOT100 mcg16 patches110.19€Order
ESTRADOT100 mcg24 patches110.19€Order
EVOREL25 mcg8 patches55.66€Order
EVOREL25 mcg16 patches73.21€Order
EVOREL25 mcg24 patches89.78€Order
EVOREL50 mcg8 patches56.89€Order
EVOREL50 mcg16 patches75.09€Order
EVOREL50 mcg24 patches92.23€Order
EVOREL75 mcg8 patches58.93€Order
EVOREL75 mcg16 patches78.11€Order
EVOREL75 mcg24 patches96.31€Order
EVOREL100 mcg8 patches61.21€Order
EVOREL100 mcg16 patches80.80€Order
EVOREL100 mcg24 patches99.58€Order
EVOREL CONTI50 mcg8 patches71.42€Order
EVOREL CONTI50 mcg16 patches103.66€Order
EVOREL CONTI50 mcg24 patches133.45€Order
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg8 patches66.52€Order
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg16 patches94.84€Order
EVOREL SEQUI50 mcg24 patches122.18€Order
PROGYNOVA1 mg84 tablets87.33€Order
PROGYNOVA2 mg84 tablets95.09€Order
PROGYNOVA TS50 mcg12 patches85.70€Order
PROGYNOVA TS50 mcg24 patches145.45€Order
PROGYNOVA TS100 mcg12 patches90.19€Order
PROGYNOVA TS100 mcg24 patches155.48€Order
QLAIRA0.03 mg3 x 28 tablets74.27€Order
ZUMENON1 mg84 tablets60.15€Order
ZUMENON2 mg84 tablets62.44€Order

A brand of Esclim labelled as Estrace (Generic) is at OpenRxShop

Estrace (Generic)1mg30 pills81.62€Order
Estrace (Generic)1mg60 pills122.43€Order
Estrace (Generic)1mg90 pills138.75€Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg30 pills89.78€Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg60 pills122.43€Order
Estrace (Generic)2mg90 pills155.08€Order

A brand of Esclim labelled as Dermestril-Septem made by Meda Pharma, Ell Cranell produced by Galderma Laboratorium, Estradiol manufactured by 1 A Pharma and Jenapharm, Estradot made by Novartis Pharma and Novartis, Estramon by Hexal, Estreva made by Eurimpharm and Aca Müller/Adag Pharma, Estrifam manufactured by Novo Nordisk Pharma, Estring by Pfizer Pharma, Evopad manufactured by Janssen-Cilag, Fem7 50µg/24 Std. 4 Transderm. Pflaster made by Abbott, Femoston Mono manufactured by Abbott, Gynokadin made by Dr. Kade/Besins Pharma, Linoladiol N Creme by Dr. August Wolff & Co.Kg, Merimono made by Novartis Pharma, Oestraclin produced by Seid, Pantostin Lsg manufactured by Merz, Progynova by Jenapharm and Quimica Bayer, Qlaira manufactured by Quimica Bayer, Cc-Pharma, and Jenapharm, Qlaira , Tradelia, and Vagifem produced by Isdin and Cc-Pharma are at Goldpharma

Dermestril-Septem0.025 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system32.91€Order
Ell Cranellmg100ml solution27.33€Order
Estradiol0.025 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system29.48€Order
Estradiol0.075 mg/24h4 transdermal therapeutic system28.11€Order
Estradiol0.075 mg/24h16 transdermal therapeutic system51.85€Order
Estradiol2 mg30 tablets23.91€Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg3x10 tablets22.64€Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg60 tablets26.91€Order
Estradiol Fem1.53 mg100 tablets32.35€Order
Estradot0.025 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system23.17€Order
Estradot0.025 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system34.05€Order
Estradot0.038 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system24.67€Order
Estradot0.038 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system38.17€Order
Estradot0.075 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system28.13€Order
Estradot0.075 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system46.57€Order
Estradot0.1 mg/24h8 transdermal therapeutic system29.86€Order
Estradot0.1 mg/24h26 transdermal therapeutic system51.01€Order
Estradot37.5 mcg8 plasters33.56€Order
Estradot75 mcg8 plasters33.56€Order
Estramon0.025 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system21.12€Order
Estramon0.025 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system31.23€Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system22.35€Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system30.85€Order
Estramon0.038 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system34.80€Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system23.16€Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system33.03€Order
Estramon0.05 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system37.36€Order
Estramon0.075 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system41.87€Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h6 transdermal therapeutic system25.99€Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h18 transdermal therapeutic system39.72€Order
Estramon0.1 mg/24h24 transdermal therapeutic system45.61€Order
Estramon Gel0.5 mg91x0.5mg gel39.10€Order
Estramon Gel1 mg91x1.0mg gel42.06€Order
Estramon Uno0.05 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system37.36€Order
Estramon Uno0.075 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system41.87€Order
Estramon Uno0.1 mg/24h12 transdermal therapeutic system45.61€Order
Estramon Uno0.1 mg/24h16 transdermal therapeutic system53.10€Order
Estreva1 mg50g gel24.27€Order
Estreva1 mg150g gel43.64€Order
Estrifam1 mg28 tablets20.80€Order
Estrifam1 mg84 tablets26.40€Order
Estring2 mg1 vaginal insert88.25€Order
Evopad25 mcg8 plasters8.47€Order
Evopad50 mcg8 plasters10.10€Order
Fem7 50µg/24 Std. 4 Transderm. Pflaster0.05 mg/24h4 transdermal therapeutic system25.89€Order
Femoston Mono2 mg28 tablets24.09€Order
Femoston Mono2 mg84 tablets33.87€Order
Gynokadin1.53 mg30 tablets22.96€Order
Gynokadin Dosiergel0.6 mg3x80g gel53.01€Order
Gynokadin Gel0.6 mg80g gel30.19€Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg25g cream24.78€Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg50g cream27.62€Order
Linoladiol N Creme0.1 mg100g cream33.55€Order
Merimono0.76 mg84 tablets25.24€Order
Merimono1.53 mg84 tablets31.75€Order
Oestraclin0.06 %80g gel8.96€Order
Pantostin Lsg0.25 mg100ml solution23.36€Order
Progynova0.76 mg63 dragees25.24€Order
Progynova1 mg20 dragees27.27€Order
Progynova1.53 mg21 dragees21.91€Order
Progynova1.53 mg63 dragees30.71€Order
Qlaira mg28 tablets15.94€Order
Qlairamg84 tablets72.58€Order
Qlaira3 mg3x28 tablets60.23€Order
Qlaira3 mg6x28 tablets102.86€Order
Qlaira3 mg28 tablets31.09€Order
Qlaira3 mg84 tablets60.48€Order
Qlaira3 mg168 tablets104.58€Order
Tradelia2 mg24 transdermal therapeutic system32.63€Order
Vagifem10 mcg18 tablets37.81€Order
Vagifem25 mcg15 tablets39.26€Order

A brand of Esclim labelled as Activelle, Climara - Estradiol, Climen, Desolett, Estraderm, Estradot/Estraderm Tts 50, Estrofem, Ethinyloestradiol, Evalon, Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol, Ginette 35, Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol, Lynoral, Marvelon, Norimin, Oestrogel, Ovral-L, Progynova, and Vagifem Vaginal are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg28 tablets52.91€Order
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg84 tablets89.98€Order
Activelle1 mg/0.5 mg168 tablets146.87€Order
Climara - Estradiol50 mg4 patches40.07€Order
Climara - Estradiol50 mg4 x 4 patches78.35€Order
Climara - Estradiol100 mg4 x 4 patches114.92€Order
Climara - Estradiol100 mg4 patches54.28€Order
Climen2 mg/1 mg21 tablets53.96€Order
Desolett0,15/0,03 mg21 tablets47.40€Order
Estraderm25 mcg/24 hour24 patches101.49€Order
Estraderm100 mcg/24 hour16 patches64.64€Order
Estradot/Estraderm Tts 5050 mcg/24 hour8 patches59.47€Order
Estrofem2 mg28 tablets54.39€Order
Estrofem2 mg84tabs105.32€Order
Ethinyloestradiol10 mcg100 tablets67.86€Order
Ethinyloestradiol10 mcg200 tablets118.56€Order
Evalon1 mg30 tablets53.02€Order
Evalon1 mg90 tablets96.98€Order
Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg3 x 21 tablets90.96€Order
Femilon - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg21 tablets56.17€Order
Ginette 350.035 mg + 2 mg8466.08€Order
Ginette 350.035 mg/2 mg168 tablets89.72€Order
Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg3 x 21 tablets63.99€Order
Juliana - Desogestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol0.02/0.15 mg6 x 21 tablets75.74€Order
Lynoral0.01 mg100 tablets53.58€Order
Lynoral0.01 mg200 tablets83.03€Order
Lynoral0.01 mg400 tablets131.57€Order
Lynoral10 mcg100 tablets48.41€Order
Lynoral10 mcg300 tablets113.87€Order
Lynoral50 mcg100 tablets57.42€Order
Lynoral50 mcg200 tablets94.17€Order
Lynoral50 mcg400 tablets153.88€Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg84 tablets72.91€Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg168 tablets111.65€Order
Marvelon0.15 mg/0.03 mg336 tablets182.83€Order
Norimin35 mcg/500 mcg3 x 28 tablets62.05€Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg21 tablets45.34€Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg63 tablets75.68€Order
Ovral-L0.03/0.15 mg126101.36€Order
Progynova1 mg56 tablets50.93€Order
Progynova1 mg84 tablets78.35€Order
Progynova1 mg168 tablets99.25€Order
Progynova2 mg84 tablets58.77€Order
Progynova2 mg168 tablets92.38€Order
Progynova2 mg336 tablets125.37€Order
Vagifem Vaginal25 mcg15 tablets54.22€Order

Prices shown are for comparative purposes, converted from $USD at current rates.

Therapeutic Indications: Esclim (Estradiol) is an estrogen hormone used to provide female hormone when the body no longer produces enough. It is used to help reduce menopause symptoms (e.g., hot flashes, vaginal dryness) and to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis) in people at high risk. Consult your physician for further Esclim (Estradiol) applications. Read more on Esclim.

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