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Pricing shown is converted from USD at current rates (see Currently the store calculates everything in USD, and your actual EUR amount will be calculated by your credit card provider at current bank rates. The totals may vary slightly (high or lower) due to rate differences, but the difference will no be significant.

Is a pharmacy?

No. We do not sell, nor dispense, nor participate in the sale of prescription medication. We are an informational site only and do not have access to any information shared between the listed pharmacies and their customers.

Where can I get information regarding dosage, side effects, etc?

Please consult your physician and or pharmacist. We do not offer any medical opinion or advice.

Do I need a prescription?

References to "No prescription needed" are not an endorsement for self-medication, just a convenient benefit of ordering from international pharmacies. International pharmacies do not require a prescription be sent to them to place an order, which saves you the time, hassle and cost of faxing your prescription or having their phamacists or doctors re-write it. Prescription medication should however only be taken under the advice and supervision of a medical doctor. Some pharmacies have their own physicians who will issue, based on a qualified medical questionaire, a prescription for your medication. Please verify your local import regulations.

Why Alternate Spellings?

These are provided in order to facilitate your search. Language rules often result in slight variations in spelling. Whenever possible, these Alternate Spellings have been listed.

How much can I order at a time?

That depends on the medication as well as your country's local rules and regulations. For many countries, up to a 90 day supply is usually allowed to be shipped at a time since that is what is considered personal use.

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